Interactive Computer Technology, ICT

2884 Long Lake Drive
Stillwater, MN 55082-4495 USA
Tel: 651/770-3728

ICT is a computer consulting and contracting business operated by Don Wright, in association with other skilled individuals and companies. ICT specializes in RTE-based application software consulting, contracting, and support, including HP 1000 system hardware and software upgrades:
  • HP1000 software and hardware consulting, contracting, and support, 30+ years experience.
  • Image/1000 data base applications.
  • Fortran, Pascal, and Macro language programming for RTE-6/VM and RTE-A.
  • Real-time HP1000 applications with determinative response times of 10 mS or less.
  • HP1000 screen management software and systems.
  • HP1000 RTE security and account management.
  • Connect and Sylog commercial HP1000 software packages.

Consulting and Contracting

The HP 1000 computer has been around since 1966, with many improvements in both hardware and the RTE operating system and utilities up until November, 2000. Although it is a real-time computer, it has been used for a wide variety of applications. Hewlett Packard sold the HP 1000 hardware and software until 2000, and supported it until 2005. ICT still supports the HP1000, both hardware and software. Disk problems? Other problems? We can fix 'em!

The HP 1000 is no longer the computer of choice for most new applications. However its reliability, guaranteed long life, and excellent forms-mode capability provide a strong incentive to upgrade some existing applications to the most modern HP 1000 CPUs, peripherals, and operating system so that those applications can run for another 10 years or more.

ICT can assist aerospace and military users of HP 1000 computers who may need security upgrades to their RTE-A systems to remain in compliance with changing government regulations.

For more information about HP 1000 consulting and contracting, call 651/770-3728.

More resources and support:

Connect and Sylog

Connect CONNECT is a file-transfer and virtual-terminal package allowing the HP 1000 running most versions of RTE to connect to and exchange files with almost any other multiuser computer, including other HP 1000's.

Sylog SYLOG is a system-integrity monitoring package which can log all RTE-A system-console messages to a file, send alarm messages to another terminal, automatically delete inactive sessions, and more.

For more information about CONNECT or SYLOG, call 651/770-3728 or send an e-mail.

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